Contractual Security Guard Service

Investigations and Security Solutions, LLC provides a full range of security services. Our professional guards are experts that specialize in the security and protection of

  • Academic environments

  • Churches

  • Construction sites

  • Government Lodging facilities

  • Health Care Facilities

  • Warehouse

Whether you are a large organization, small organization or an individual, we consider each unique challenge and will adjust our security strategy to handle your specific needs.

Investigations and Security Solutions, LLC provide the same commitment and attention to details regardless as to the size of our client.  We will analyze your existing security and suggest the most practical number of guards for your unique security concern.

Let Investigations and Security Solutions, LLC  protect your business and help you to maintain the peace of mind that goes with knowing that your security and safety is intact.

Summary of Services

Private Investigations

With Investigations and Security Solutions, LLC, no investigation is too big or too small.  These experienced investigators are detailed and goal driven.  They take on cases that other companies are reluctant to pursue and will leave no stone unturned in an effort to achieve a lawful and successful outcome.

Investigations and Security Solutions, LLC, will pursue each case with the same degree of preparation and integrity; regardless as to the type of case. They conduct asset searches, background checks, child custody cases, dead beat dads’ employment status,  fraud investigations, infidelity cases and  insurance or workmen’s compensation cases,  just to name a few.  The client’s involvement and understanding of their case is important to Investigations and Security Solutions, LLC. They will explain all investigative rational and options before any strategies are implemented.  These strategies may include a combination of steps including  some of the more common steps such as reviewing records, conducting interviews, taking photos and videos, conducting surveillance (electronic and or moving) and testifying in court (just to name a few).

Investigations and Security Solutions Investigations, LLC


The Front Line of Your Protection

Security Consulting

Investigations and Security Solutions, LLC is a full-service investigative, security consulting, contractual security guard service provider and training company. Our experts specialize in the security of small hotels/motels/inns and resorts.  From one small company to the next, we are sympathetic to the unique challenges of small and moderate-sized organizations and have directed our services to handle those needs as well as the larger organizations.  

Investigations and Security Solutions, LLC understand that businesses cannot afford full time security professional. Too frequently companies must make sacrifices that affect the protections of their business in order to remain solvent; protections that are regularly offered by the larger organizations. 

Investigations and Security Solutions, LLC provide solutions that can reduce your losses and provide long term protections. We do this by analyzing your existing security, identifying your vulnerabilities and providing solid recommendations, which will subsequently increase your profits. We will examine your critical assets, physical security, hospitality services and your human resource policies. 

If your guests do not feel comfortable, they will take their business where they do feel comfortable and it is unlikely that they will return.  

Let Investigations and Security Solutions, LLC give you a fighting chance by helping you to reduce your losses, protect your business and retain the peace of mind that goes with knowing that you have done what you needed to do to protect your business.