Investigations and Security Solutions (iandss)serves a wide and diverse  range of clients and  equally a diverse range of employees. We take pride in our record diverse hiring practice and have zero tolerance for violations of the American Disability Act or any other law in conflict of this philosophy. 

Did you Know?


Security companies must be licensed and have the appropriate liability coverage including workman’s compensation liability insurance before hiring and providing security officers. Although security guards must be licensed, they are not allowed to negotiate their own contract. They must work for a licensed security company or hired by a proprietary company.  Individual companies and the guard can be held liable by New York State for negotiating these unlawful contracts.

Investigations and Security Solutions Investigations, LLC


Why use Investigations and Security Solutions?


The Front Line of Your Protection

 Investigations and Security Solutions, LLC has a proven track record for maintaining a professional staff and reducing staff turnover. We work diligently to maintain our clients’ trust by hiring the most qualified security officers and supervisors.  We believe that compensating our employees appropriately reduces   employee turnover and demonstrates our commitment to our agents.  In exchange for our better than average salary, we have high expectations for our security staff. 

 We ensure that our officers maintain a professional appearance and demeanor by providing constant supervision and yearly in house training. The leadership at Investigations and Security Solutions, LLC is serious about supervision and holds our supervisors responsible for the men and women in their charge.  We understand that a company’s culture starts at the top and flows down. We take our commitment to security and our clients seriously and demand the same from every employee. 

Lastly, the leadership at Investigations and Security solutions has strong ties and relationships with the New York Police Department, the Association of Industrial Security and several other city, state and federal agencies. We believe these relations will benefit the company and our clients.